About Us

Kids Benefit Through The Apisdorf Charitable Foundation

In December of 2003 June Apisdorf sponsored a trip to the Barnes & Noble Book store for the students of the Wings Academy. Wings Academy is a charter school that specializes in special needs students. The children were so excited to be able to pick out their own books that some of them had a hard time waiting to get outside of the store before opening them up and starting to read.

The Foundation is happy to support WEDU because it provides healthy and educational programming for young children such as Sesame Street, Arthur, Dragon Tales, Clifford just to name a few. In conjunction with WEDU the Foundation is happy to support the Ready to Learn Program aimed at providing tools to prepare children for success in school.

The Foundation for the past several years has donated to the Children's Guardian Fund, Inc. at the Holiday Season gift cards from Wal-Mart to be handed out to the children in their care to enable the Guardians to be assured that the children will have something special for the Holiday Season. The Foundation has also run ads on WEDU to recruit more volunteers to represent children in court for the Guardian At Litem program.

The Harold Carnegie Apisdorf and June E. Apisdorf Charitable Foundation Inc. also have donated helped sponsor the North County YMCA Caring Campaign, the South County Family YMCA, All-Star Children's Foundation. The Foundation has promoted and helped support the Caring Hearts program at the First Step of Sarasota in addition to promoting “Nurturing Dads” classes taught by Children First. The Foundation also ran a community awareness campaign for the Healthy Start Coalition, in addition to outreach programs at the Forty Carrots Family Center and outreach at The Goldie Feldman Academy.