Kids Benefit Through The Apisdorf Charitable Foundation

Children need the reassuring presence of a visible community willing to provide them with love and understanding.

At The Apisdorf Charitable Foundation we believe in the importance of ensuring that kids' rights are respected, their welfare is protected, their lives are free from fear, and that they grow up in a peaceful environment.

With our help, with our hope, and with the recognition of the life changing impact our individuals and organizations have on children, we all together can build a strong community that puts its efforts into enriching their lives.

"What a child doesn’t receive he can not later give."

— P.D. James, Time to be in Earnest

The Apisdorf Charitable foundation was conceived by my stepfather and my mother more than a decade ago to help disadvantaged children in our community. They understood that a successful and cost effective way of giving back to society is to mitigate the disadvantages many children face because of an environment or circumstances they are helpless to change. Harold and June Apisdorf worked hard throughout their lives to reach their dreams. Now they help others that, because of circumstances beyond their control, cannot help themselves. We at the Apisdorf Charitable Foundation hope that the children we help today will be able to strive for their dreams so they can in turn help future generations. Harold has since died, but his legacy of philanthropy lives on.

Thomas Huebner
Executive Director